Technology and training in the skilled trades

HPI - Heinz-Piest-Institut für Handwerkstechnik

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Heinz-Piest-Institut für Handwerkstechnik

The Heinz-Piest-Institut (HPI) für Handwerkstechnik at the Leibniz University in Hannover is one of five research and service organisations that are members of the Deutsches Handwerksinstitut e. V. (DHI).

HPI was founded as the Handwerkstechnisches Institut in 1950 and is responsible for technology and training in the skilled trades. While the institute focused more on the problems faced by individual businesses in its early days, today HPI is mainly concerned with overarching issues relating to advancing the skilled trades by promoting innovation and technology transfer.

Today the institute’s work focuses on the following:

Applied research: In addition to conducting its own research projects, the institute also undertakes research for public authorities and research institutions.

Innovation and technology transfer: This mainly includes promoting business and innovation. The institute monitors current technology trends and assesses their relevance for the skilled trades.

Implementing knowledge in vocational training: Whereas the above point involves evaluating new technologies for the skilled trades, here relevant innovations are implemented in vocational education and training. This activity also aids HPI in its planning for training centres.

Management, quality and standardisation: In these areas, HPI deals with internationalisation, managing quality and knowledge, and analyses of the future viability of training facilities.

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