Hannover - central located in Europe

Its central location at the heart of the European transport network is just one of numerous trump cards that the Hannover region has in its hand. The A7 (running north-south), A2 (running east-west) and A1 (running northeast-northwest) motorways are among the major road connections in Central Europe. The majority of cities in Lower Saxony are connected to the ICE train network of Deutsche Bahn, which provides direct links to all German conurbation areas.

The central arrival and departure point for those travelling by plane is Hannover Langenhagen Airport (HAJ) just outside the gates of the state capital of Hannover. All major European holiday destinations can be reached directly from Hannover Airport. Four more international airports are also located nearby: Hamburg Airport (HAM), Paderborn Airport (PAD ), Münster / Osnabrück Airport (FMO) and Bremen Airport (BRE ).

Hannover’s central bus station (ZOB) is one of the most modern in Germany. Buses from all the main intercity routes and major tour operators stop here. The Mittelland Canal, Germany’s longest man-made waterway, connects Hannover to the continent’s biggest sea and inland ports.


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