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Hafven - eine der größten Innovation Communities im deutschsprachigen Raum.

LPs or CDs, colour TV or Grimme prize: Many major media innovations were conceived in Hannover.

But that’s not all. Hannover is where innovative magazines like Spiegel and Stern were founded, where the most advanced TV broadcasting systems are at home, and where innovative headphones and microphones are developed. And Hannover has a vibrant theatre scene. It’s also home to Germany largest opera, and even Germany’s only clown school. The list could go on and on...

Clearly the Hannover region has always provided fertile ground for creativity, but that hasn’t always been properly linked with all the innovations and creative developments mentioned above. And their economic importance for the area has often been underestimated.

The creative industry in Hannover – facts and figures

•    22,400 employees subject to social insurance contributions in 1.530 businesses (i.e. in proper, formal employment) (4.3% of the total jobs in the region)
•    Focus on music: University of Music, Drama and Media, important actors like the NDR Radiophilharmonie, Peppermint Park and Sennheiser
•    Numerous projects and events as part of the UNESCO City of Music
•    Start-up centres: HALLE 96 with office space, workshops and shared infrastructure; co-working spaces such as Hafven
•    Network: kre|H|tiv Netzwerk e.V., the fastest-growing and largest network in the sector of its kind in Germany
Source: Region Hannover (Wirtschaftsreport 2021)

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