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Star Event Center

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Star Event Center

Comfortable, ultra-modern and extremely versatile – these are the main features of the Star Event Centre in the north of Hannover.

Star Event Center

Whether it is a large company party, in-house trade fair, presentation, symposium, show, special event, party or concert: the event location at the “Old Airport” (Alter Flughafen) always has the right equipment, design and technology.

The Star Event Centre can be a noble ballroom, a serious and representative conference facility, a party- and event platform or a functionally-oriented exhibition hall. The Star Event Center offers spacious room capacity with a hall of 1,500 square meters, a gallery with 600 square meters, a stage as well as an outdoor area for variable tented landscapes with approximately 4.800 square meters.

Due to its location, the event location is easily accessible from the city as well as from outside (via A2, A7, A37 and A352).


Data and Facts


max. 1.750 People


max. 800 People


max. 1.400 People


max. 900 People


ca. 1.350 People

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