One of Germany’s largest savings banks

Sparkasse Hannover

Eingang zum Bürogebäude der Sparkasse Hannover am Raschplatz

Sparkasse Hannover has been active in the Hannover region for nearly 200 years. With around 1,700 employees, it is one of the biggest savings banks in Germany.

Today’s Sparkasse Hannover resulted from the merger of two formerly independent institutions, Kreissparkasse Hannover and Stadtsparkasse Hannover. It has more than 100 branch offices in Hannover and the surrounding region.

Bürogebäude der Sparkasse Hannover am Raschplatz

More than 50% of the region’s businesspeople are customers of Sparkasse Hannover, making it a major driver of economic activity in the Hannover region. In addition, every year the bank supports around 500 projects and activities by various associations and institutions that make a real difference for both the Hannover region and the people who live here. Sparkasse Hannover also supports the work of various foundations: HannoverStiftung, Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover, the Hannover State Opera, and the Dr. August und Erika Appenrodt-Stiftung.

Lower Saxony’s largest savings bank has its headquarters on Raschplatz, very close to Hannover’s central train station. The bank commissioned architect Heinz Wilke to design the building, which was constructed between 1974 and 1976. The building consists of six towers of different heights, the highest of which rises 70 metres over the central train station. The building underwent extensive renovations in 2015 and now provides modern office space for 800 people on 15 floors.

Stadtsparkasse Hannover was founded in 1823 as Spar- und Leih-Casse in der Königlichen Residenzstadt Hannover, making it one of the oldest institutions in the history of German savings banks. Kreissparkasse Hannover was founded in 1878 as Spar-, Leih- und Vorschuß-Casse des Amts Hannover. The two savings banks merged at the end of 2001 to form the region’s largest financial services provider.

Sparkasse Hannover

Sparkasse Hannover: Aşağı Saksonya’nın özel/kurumsal müşterilere sahip en büyük tasarruf bankası ve bölgesel piyasa lideri.

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