The Royal House of Hannover
Following in the footsteps of the guelphs

The former Kingdom of Hannover and modern-day Lower Saxony were shaped by the Hanoverian monarchy over the course of centuries. The coronation of Geroge Louis, Priceof Hannover, as the British King in 1714 laid the foundations for 123 years of Hanoverian rule in Great Britain. During their reign, THE GUELPHS, the oldest royal house in Europe, shaped the history of Eurpe, america and the entire world.

To this day, there remains a mulitude of evidence of their reign in and around Hannover. Marienburg Castle, the state capital of Hannover with the Herrenhausen Gardens, and the royal seat of Celle offer insights into life at court in centuries past.

Embark of a ROYAL JOURNEY of discovery themed around the cultural treasures of the Kingdom of Hannover and visit various evetns and roayl sites. We have made some special arrangements for this. We´ll be happy to make a special offer for you or your travel group.

We hope you have a great time and some unforgettable experiences on your trip!

Last updated: 19 Dec 2022