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A Monument to love.

Schloss Marienburg

When King George V of Hannover gave the gift of Marienburg Castle to his wife, Queen Marie, all those years ago, he could not have suspected that this demonstration of his love would one day be among Germany’s most impressive neo-Gothic architectural monuments. This neo-Gothic-style palace held a special place in the heart of its owner, who nicknamed it “my little El Dorado”. It was constructed between 1858 and 1867 on the legendary Marienberg mountain, which was said to be inhabited by dwarves. But fate had other plans: the King, who was blinded at a young age, would never set eyes upon his gift and his beloved wife Marie would never really live there. In 1866, before the Castle was completed, the Prussians forced King George V and his son into exile in Austria. Shortly afterwards, the queen moved into Marienburg with her two daughters, but then in 1867, she found herself torn between her home, her husband and political pressure and joined the King in Austria. She would never see her “El Dorado” again.

Now having finally woken from a long, deep sleep, Marienburg Castle has become what Queen Marie always dreamed it would be: a hub of music, art and culture. In the high season, there are daily castle tours leading through the fully furnished rooms, which have been maintained in an almost original state. Themed tours and evening tours add depth to the various historical and modern aspects of the castle. The Castle Restaurant housed in the converted stables and the large inner courtyard invites visitors to enjoy the historical atmosphere. The ceiling-high columns, metre-high mirrors and hand-forged brass chandeliers create a sense of refinement and charm. Top-class concerts and events for all age groups complete the diverse programme.

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Last updated: 12 Apr 2021