Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts

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A strong emphasis on practice is very important at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Learn more!

Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Hannover - HsH)

Around 10,000 students at five faculties and two departments at locations in Hannover and Nienburg benefit from the multitude of opportunities offered by a course of study at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Hannover - HsH).

Fast-track courses and practice orientation

The university distinguishes itself by its fast-track courses and a strong emphasis on practice in its teaching. The value of this approach is clear when taking a look at the many HsH graduates who quickly find employment in the industry. Integrating practical phases in the course of study allows the students to gather professional experience and establish contacts during their time at university. A great emphasis is also put on integrated degree programmes and extra occupational university courses.

Four main fields of expertise

Teaching and research, practical orientation, in-service training and ongoing internationalisation of the range of studies with worldwide networking through partner universities are the salient capabilities of this university. HsH's multifarious application-oriented research activities also characterise its educational spectrum: The university's four main fields of expertise are built around engineering sciences, media and information, economy and information technology as well as social sciences.

Essentials at the HsH

Proactive knowledge and technology transfer is essential if teaching is to keep pace with today's rapid scientific and technological progress. These activities are indispensable to provide HsH students with quality teaching. Now and in the future it is the aim of the HsH to offer the best chances and opportunities to students for a successful start in their careers.

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Last updated: 22 Sept 2022