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The Marktkirche - the church at the market place - was built in the 14th century

The marketplace was at the very centre of urban expansion in Hannover. Merchants and craftsmen used to live around here. In the 14th century, the Marktkirche ("The Church at the Marketplace") was built here. Together with the Old Town Hall to the right they are considered to be the southernmost specimens of the "North German neo-Gothic" style. Just as the tower reached half of its planned height, the construction had to be stopped due to shortages in the town's coffers. "The builders be faint and taken of the sickness", reports contemporary chronicle. For financial reasons, a shortened spire was mounted without further ado (which became very popular and was imitated widely). Unchanged in style, the Marktkirche was rebuilt in 1952. The portal with scenes from the saddest chapter of German history was designed by Gerhard Marcks.

Even many of the well-informed citizens of Hannover are oblivious to the fact that the "Deutsche Michel" (a nickname the Germans often give to themselves) is actually buried here. He was by no means just a legendary figure. His name was General Johann Michael von Obentraut, and he was leading the Danish and German army against Tilly when he was mortally wounded on 25 October 1625. This hero of the Thirty Years War was known as "der deutsche Michel" to his contemporaries.

Last updated: 19 Jul 2021