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Hannover Adventure Zoo

Giraffen-Lodge im Erlebnis-Zoo

On animal safari around the world with exotic landscapes, over 2000 animals and amazing shows at Hannover Adventure Zoo.

Explore the animal kingdoms of the seven Zoo Worlds – they offer extraordinary encounters, unforgettable impressions and above all lots of fun for all the family:

Zambezi / Africa

Glide in a boat down the Zambezi and experience the sights and sounds of Africa. Rose-pink flamingos by a roaring waterfall, addax antelopes roaming the white desert sands, and rare Rothschild giraffes as tall as the trees. On safari you’ll get close to rhinos and zebras, be grinned at by hippos and see Barbary lions keeping an eye out for antelope.


Berberlöwe am Sambesi

Kibongo / Africa

Discover the exciting world of the chimpanzees, gorillas and their friends. In the Kibongo theme landscape, you can experience the call of the wild – crashing waterfalls, babbling streams and impressive baobab trees! The chimpanzee clan has made a home for itself next to an aban - doned expedition camp, while the gorilla family brings the clearing at the top of the mountain to life. Get up close and personal with the story of evolution. Take an exciting journey to visit our closest relatives!


Afi Mountain

Yukon Bay / Canada

Canada – one of the last great adventures: Forests, rocky gorges, gold rush romanticism, an olde-worlde harbour town and nature on its doorstep: that’s Yukon Bay! Meet up with timber wolves, bison and caribou in the wild and go seal and polar bear watching in the bay. Tip: the fascinating underwater world! Smell the salt of the sea and watch polar bears dive, seals shoot through the water like darts and penguins have fun splashing around.


Faszinierende Begegnung in der Unterwasserwelt

Jungle Palace / India

The magnificent past of this palace will bewitch and enchant you. Long ago, Maharajas staged extravagant festivities here; today the animals of India rule the ruins: tigers prowl through bamboo groves, cheeky temple monkeys (Hanuman langurs) scurry around the palace garden, silent leopards watch as you explore the ruins. And in the heart of it all is a herd of elephants guarding the palace’s greatest treasure: the baby elephants!


Hulman-Languren im Dschungelpalast

Meyer's Farm / Rural Lower Saxony

You’re in Lower Saxony, in the countryside idyll of Meyer’s Farm. Take a break and relax at the cosy rustic Meyer’s Inn. The éclairs are irresistible! Tip: Treat yourself to a freshly-pulled pils in the beer garden while your children storm the Brodelburg Castle, probably the best adventure playground in the northern hemisphere!

Outback / Australia

Take a trip to the most beautiful end of the world – in the heart of Hannover! The 5,300 m² enclosure brings close encounters with red kan garoos, swamp wallabies, emus and wombats on the famous red eartof Australia. In “the wilderness’ smallest pub”, there is plenty to chatter about – a colourful array of birds sets the tone here. Next door, the wallabies are looking forward to your visit. Explore the habitat of these inquisitive marsupials for yourself. Off to the Outback!


Wallaby Dowununder im Outback

Mullewapp & Brodelburg

Discover the real Mullewapp with Johnny Mouse, Charlie Rooster and Podgy Percy. Kids will love meeting the Three Friends, the cute goats, sheep and alpacas, the thrilling toboggan runs and the homemade pasta at Auntie Milly’s Feeding Trough! The Brodelburg Castle adventure playground is just a stone’s throw away. A kids’ paradise!

Elephants, sealions, birds of prey - in Hannover Adventure Zoo they parade their unique talents. At the daily shows and feeding times we tell you all sorts of fascinating things about our animals.

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Last updated: 15 Jun 2022