Shopping in the Hannover Region

All points of the compass: Discover the attractive and unexpected shopping amenities in the Region of Hannover.

Discover attractive and unexpected shopping amenities away from the big city.

Hannover Region often surprises its visitors with the unexpected quality of shopping experiences outside the city. Come and discover charming Wedemark to the north, with its historic town centres, or stroll through the shopping centres in Lehrte, to the east of Hannover. To the south, Springe, on the edge of the Deister ridge, is an attractive location, and the town of Wunstorf to the west is also well worth a visit, particularly in view of its proximity to Lake Steinhude.

Region of Hannover: Kommunen

Here you will find an overview of the Region of Hannover information in german).

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Last updated: 3 Aug 2021