The rebuilt summer residence

Herrenhausen Palace and Museum

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The summer residence of the Royal House of Hanover was destroyed in the Second World War. Now it has been rebuilt on the original site to the original plans and filled with life for modern times.

Herrenhausen Palace congress centre

Das wiederaufgebaute Schloss Herrenhausen.

The opening of the Palace on 18 January 2013 ended decades of debate about whether to rebuild it. The magnificent, but by no means ostentatious new building, creates a bridge between tradition and modernism. The outside features the neoclassical façade, built according to historical plans by court architect Georg Ludwig Laves from 1819. The interior is characterised by clearly defined shapes and state-of-the-art equipment. According to the wishes of the Palace project's sponsor, Volkswagen Foundation in Hannover, an advanced congress centre and meeting place for business, culture and academia was created.

The venue is to cater for top-level demand. It offers an architecturally impressive underground auditorium and a ballroom on the first floor which looks out over the Baroque Grosser Garten. Seminar and meeting rooms are also available.

Visitors of the gardens please take note – the congress centre can only be accessed by people taking part in events. 

Herrenhausen Palace Museum

The bust of the polymath Leibniz has an overview of the whole baroque wing at the Herrenhausen Palace Museum

Only the side wings of the Palace, which are connected by an underground corridor with one another, are open to visitors to the gardens. Here in Herrenhausen Palace Museum, Hannover's Historical Museum provides information on the era of Baroque absolutism, on the importance of Hannover around 1700 and beyond. It also looks at the polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and the legendary Electress Sophie and the period of personal union with England. From 1714 to 1837 the electorate of Hanover and Great Britain was ruled by kings from Hannover. The 300-year anniversary was celebrated in 2014.