Flying the Union Jack

British Year in Hannover

Int. Fireworks Competition

In addition to the highly diverse cultural programme on offer at the exhibition venues, numerous other events will be staged throughout the year adding a touch of royal glamour to Hannover.

The opera “George”, for example, was written and composed specially for the state exhibition. Various (church) concerts and performances, such as “God save King George” by Hannover Boys’ Choir, the opera “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Benjamin Britten at Hannover State Theatre, “Oliver Twist” dance project and “Brodowy’s Summer Salon” (German cabaret) will also fly the flag for all things British.

King George I.

Herrenhausen Gardens will also celebrate British lifestyle with an “Urban Gardening – London Special” in the English landscaped ‘George Garden’, and there will be a Hanoverian-British Race Day at “Neue Bult” racecourse in Langenhagen. The Hanover-British Society will also enter into the spirit of the year, symbolised by the horse, the heraldic animal featured in Lower Saxony’s coat of arms and central motif of the state exhibition: based on historic sources, it will recreate George’s journey to London for his coronation in 1714 in a magnificent horse-drawn carriage escorted by riding and driving clubs.

A modern look at the two countries is provided by events such as the Anglo-German fashion show “Anglomaniacs & Union Jackets”, as well as exhibitions of modern art staged by Sprengel Museum Hannover, the Kestner Society and Kunstverein Hannover.

British fireworks – British culture

Marienburg Castle

In addition to all this, various large-scale events will also offer a truly regal programme to commemorate the age in which the Royals came from Hanover: at the International Fireworks Competition on 31 May, the British “1st Galaxy” team will captivate audiences with a display of British pyrotechnics against the splendid backdrop of Herrenhausen Gardens; a supporting programme of cabaret and music will provide British entertainment for the whole family.

The atmosphere will likewise be “very British” at the Fête de la Musique in Hannover city centre on 21 June – and even the KunstFestSpiele arts festival in Herrenhausen Gardens and Hannover Choir Festival have all included a reference to the 300th anniversary of Personal Union in their programme, for instance with a new interpretation of an English opera by Henry Purcell.

The Royal Crown of the kingdom of Hannover

It is also worth making a detour to the surrounding holiday region and a visit to Marienburg Palace, which will be staging a special exhibition featuring the Hanoverian king’s crown, sceptre and bridal tiara. This is the first time since the end of the Kingdom of Hanover that these items will be on show to the public in the former sovereign territory of the House of Guelph.

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Last updated: 11 Mar 2019