Past and present of Lutheran convents

Mariensee Abbey

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The Mariensee Abbey is located on the outskirts of Mariensee and goes back to a foundation from the 13th century.

Kloster Mariensee: Evangelisches Frauenkloster in Mariensee, einem Ortsteil von Neustadt am Rübenberge

It is a place of spiritual life of women since. The monastery was founded about 1207 as a nunnery. Mariensee Abbey built for nuns, who lived in the spirit of the Cistercian, is clearly visible despite many structural changes. In the course of the Reformation, the church was used by the convention, which became protestant and the parish.
In the 19th century, the church received its neo-gothic interior. The simple, bright church that has been preserved from the time of creation, and the powerful em of the convent building from the 18th century, the strict architecture of the cloister and the lush splendor of the flourishing monastery gardens are opposites, which tell of the varied history of Mariensee Abbey.On weekends and holidays, homemade cake, coffee and tea are offered in the monastery café.
Today, many cultural events take place in the Mariensee Abbey.
The monastery museum shows the monastic life in Lower Saxony convents in different periods: during the middle ages, the reformation, and in the 19th century.

Last updated: 11 Sept 2023