International Geocaching Mysteries: Japan

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Kleefelder Straße 37,
30175 Hannover

  • Challenge: 2 of 5
  • Ground: 1.5 of 5
  • Cache-Size: small
  • Coordinate: N 52° 22.380 E 009° 46.315
  • Location: East
  • Hint: Final: first remove two bars, then work the lock. Lock: press the shackle into the body of the lock so it opens
  • To-Do:

International Geocaching Mysteries: Japan

A cache in the ‘International Geocaching Mysteries’ series, presenting places in Hannover that offer ‘backdoor globetrotting’!

Since 1983, Hannover and Hiroshima have enjoyed a close town-twinning relationship. This is reflected in diverse ways in the state capital’s cityscape, including the Hiroshima cherry tree grove in the Bult district, the Peace Bell (Friedensglocke) at Aegidienkirche church and the Japanese Tea House in the City Park (Stadtpark). The latter is a gift from Hiroshima to Hannover; here, visitors can attend genuine traditional tea ceremonies. To access the cache, you will have to try your hand at another ancient Japanese tradition: origami, the art of paper-folding which can produce highly complex two- and three-dimensional figures. Print out the template from the listing, follow the origami diagram and make your way to the start. There you’ll find the correct sequence of the numbers that the origami object will give you. Then you can open the lock at the final. To reach the final, go in the direction (yellow) (yellow+red) (red-red) until you come to a little Japanese house. You don’t need to walk onto or cross the railway tracks.

「国際ゲオハイムニセ: 日本


Last updated: 10 Dec 2021