Leibniz-Tour Hannover

6. Leibniz-Memorial: Opernplatz

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Here you will find information about the Leibniz-Memorial at Opernplatz.

Leibniz-Denkmal am Opernplatz

The shiny gold-coloured bronze head of the universal genius in the style of a silhouette is 2.50 metres high, and displays the binary number system on one side. Leibniz discovered the binary code, and his idea was extremely far reaching: today’s computers calculate with the numbers zero and one. The other side of the memorial created by Professor Stefan Schwerdtfeger displays Leibniz’s motto “Unity in diversity”. Weighing 750 kilograms in total, the memorial on its granite base has embellished this well loved and busy corner of the Georgstraße and the Opera triangle since 2008.

On the trail of the polymath

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Last updated: 15 Apr 2021