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International advertising campaign was launched to promote Hannover as a business location

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Headed by the slogan “Hannover – Your Central Business Location”, Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH (HMTG) will roll out a campaign on 1 November with newspaper supplements and other marketing activities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and the UK.


Situated right in the heart of Europe, excellent traffic infrastructure, outstanding service sector and trade hub, home to major international brands, science centre and the world’s largest exhibition grounds: Hannover is your host of choice. These are just some of the competitive advantages that Hannover Region has to offer. With images of the exhibition centre, the classic Volkswagen bus and the famous Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen featured on the cover, the new brochure presents these benefits in detail. The 6 inside pages contain the latest facts and figures on the topics of business, science, healthcare, trade fairs and congresses, together with striking pictures of typical Hannover motifs. To round off the information about the city as a business location, the booklet also includes tips on the highly diverse leisure amenities available in Hannover Region.

“Internationalisation – one of the latest buzzwords in location marketing – also plays an important role for Hannover. The new campaign focuses on presenting the business location and its key sectors. Hannover is the ideal base for your business, for start-ups and students, situated in the centre of Europe,” comments Hans Christian Nolte, Managing Director of HMTG.

On 8 and 22 November, readers of the British business magazine “The Business Insider” will find comprehensive information about the strong points of the capital city of Lower Saxony. The supplements will be distributed with “Director” magazine and the London issue of “Business Info” at the beginning of December, bringing the total circulation up to 76,000 in these British business publications. Hannover will also feature prominently in the cityscapes of Brussels and Amsterdam: as from 6 November, huge billboards near the World Trade Center and in the European quarter will provide many convincing arguments at a glance. The HTMG activities will also include direct mailings to management consultancies as well as commercial and logistics companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The brochure will also be available for business travellers in the first-class coaches of Deutsche Bahn ICE trains heading for north-western Germany on 13 November. For the first time, the communications will concentrate on digital media: online banners and ads on the websites of trade journals, chambers of commerce and the relevant national Google home pages mean that all roads will (virtually) lead to Hannover.

To tie in with the campaign, full information will also be available in English and also in Dutch on the city’s new business portal at, together with links to the relevant websites and contacts. The new Hannover Region business portal is part of the city’s general internet presentation at, which meanwhile supplies useful information for anyone planning a business or private trip to Hannover in 18 different languages.

Hannover business region at a glance:
Hannover Region is the leading business area in Lower Saxony. For 70 years, Hannover has enjoyed an international reputation as the world’s leading trade fair & exhibition venue and as a congress city. Hannover’s modern shopping malls make it one of the top German retail locations. One of the outstanding features of this city, which has a population of half a million, is its centrality: not only is everything close at hand inside Hannover, but the city also serves as a major traffic hub for Germany and Europe. Both the business and tourism sectors profit equally from the perfect network of road and rail, ship and plane. As a strong European logistics location, Hannover will also score top marks in future for its “Urban Logistics” ecological pilot project, which will make it the premium German hub for inner-city delivery traffic and provide new impetus for e-mobility. Numerous Hannover-based companies rank amongst the top global players in their own fields of business. Hannover boasts one of Germany’s leading service sectors. The excellent research and science facilities include four universities, one university of applied sciences and high-ranking private academies with a total of 44,000 students. The prime motor for growth in this economic area with its first-class medical institutes is the healthcare sector. The cultural industries and multimedia companies also play a key role in the market. The thriving competitiveness of Hannover Region with 50,000 business enterprises and a total of almost 488,000 jobs is confirmed by the gross domestic product and gross value added figures, both of which are significantly higher than the German average.

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Last updated: 1 Nov 2017