Just 21 KM from Hannover

Calenberger Land

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Kloster Wennigsen

For the love of nature: Historical gems and wild animals amongst rolling hills.

A refreshing dose of nature – not far from the city of Hannover 

Calenberger Land is a delight with its historical landscape, impressive castles and medieval buildings. Surrounded by the Leine river to the north and the Mittelland Canal to the east, as well as the Deister mountains to the southwest, this spot of land stands out thanks to its unspoiled natural beauty and its proximity to the Lower Saxon state capital. The quickly traversable 21 kilometres offer hikers, nature lovers and history buffs a short foray out of the city.

A prosperous area within the Hannover commuter belt, Calenberger Land presents an ideal leisure opportunity. Regional highlights include the Deisterkreisel bike route in the Deister mountains as well as attractions such as Marienburg Castle and the five Calenberg monasteries: Marienwerder, Wennigsen, Wülfinghausen, Mariensee and Barsinghausen. Those looking for more than just nature and culture can give daylight the slip at Barsinghausen Abbey by heading below ground into the adventure mine.

HuntingLodge Springe

Freedom for 111 animal species

Animal lovers will feel right at home at Wisentgehege Wildlife Park in Springe, in the south of the Hannover region. Typical animals native to the region as well as seriously endangered wild species can be found across the park’s 90 hectares. Areas such as the Falcon Court, the Wolf Enclosure and the aviaries allow for protection and conservation breeding, while the animals benefit from living spaces as similar to nature as possible, with pools, pastures and streams as well as oak and beech woods.

The park takes its name from the endangered European bison which were resettled and bred in the area in 1928, which was then developed into a wildlife enclosure decades later. The park welcomes around 170,000 awestruck visitors each year and, alongside the eponymous bison, is also home to bald eagles and falcons that can be admired during flight demonstrations and in their large aviaries. Anyone keen on wildlife and especially the four-pawed variety should see Matthias and Birgit Vogelsang’s Wolfsprojekt. The couple lives together in harmony with various eastern and Arctic wolves at the park. For those who enjoy getting out in the fresh air and experiencing nature at first-hand, the Wolfsprojekt presents a unique opportunity to get an awe-inspiring glimpse of a pack of wolves.


Last updated: 14 Apr 2023