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Alfred Lechner | Kreisteilung...

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» Location: Königsworther Platz/Georgengarten

Alfred Lechner | Kreisteilung – Quadratanordnung – Kugel

The geometrical (de)constructions of the work by Alf Lechner (b. 1925 in Munich) are especially evident when the viewer walks around it: the resultant changes of perspective cause dynamic new forms to emerge from the individual elements. The sculpture came to Hannover as an exhibit in the »Stahl 1« show organised by the Galerie kö 24. From its location the piece provides a sensuously tangible transition between the calm of the park and the liveliness of the traffic junction, underscoring in this way a change in the urban fabric and the begin of the »Sculpture Mile« at the same time. » Location: Königsworther Platz/Georgengarten

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020