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John Henry | Symphony in Red

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» Location: Königsworther Platz (central reservation)

John Henry | Symphony in Red

Large-scale steel objects such as this one are typical examples of the work of the American sculptor John Henry (b. 1943 in Lexington, Kentucky). He selected »Symphony in Red« for the central reservation at Königsworther Platz, a major Hannover thoroughfare where five multi-lane roads cross. The site is almost always loud, dynamic and complex. Cast on the ground like Mikado sticks, the
overlapping steel rods reflect the complexity of the site – and also hold their own against it. The sculpture is now a landmark, a point of reference. Owned by the Niedersächsische Lottostiftung, the sculpture is on permanent loan to the city of Hannover. » Location: Königsworther Platz (central reservation)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020