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Robert Schad | In Vent

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» Location: Aegidientorplatz (in the courtyard of the Sparkasse Hannover)

Robert Schad | In Vent

The installation by Robert Schad (b. 1953 in Ravensburg) was commissioned by the former Kreissparkasse Hannover to decorate the public courtyard of its headquarters. Despite the mass of steel employed in its production, the piece makes a dynamic, nearly organic impression. Where the movable elements of the adjacent installation on Aegidientorplatz (see below, no. 6 ) makes wind tangible, Schad succeeds in broaching this theme by means of static elements. Considering the lightness and ostensible mobility of the objects, it is not surprising that Schad also integrates the aspects of dance and choreography in his media pieces. The work forms a frame for on-site motions that is simultaneously a space of transition and the peaceful centre of the building, underscoring in this way the architecture’s transparency. Despite its openness, the installation fills up its location as a whole, not permitting an external or total perspective and presses towards its centre when being observed. The piece is the property of the Sparkasse Hannover. » Location: Aegidientorplatz (in the courtyard of the Sparkasse Hannover)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020