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Hans-Jürgen Breuste | Bogside ´69

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» Location: Osterstraße/Kleine Packhofstraße

Hans-Jürgen Breuste | Bogside ´69

The object by Hans-Jürgen Breuste (b. 1933 in Hannover – d. 2012) was produced on the occasion of Amnesty International’s twentieth anniversary. The granite fist wrapped in bands of iron comes from a stone quarry where Arno Breker and his students worked on ideological monumental sculptures during the Nazi period. The associative link between found historical item and the artist’s own artistic production is in the process so successful that viewers do not need to know about the origins of the fist in order to sense what the work has to do with the goals and ideals of Amnesty International. Through the contentual connection between the human rights organisation with political aggression during the National Socialist era and civil rights violations in the Northern Ireland conflict (which the object’s title references), the artist opens up a global associative space on the topic. Further works in Hannover (selection): »Mahnmal Gerichtsgefängnis« [Criminal Justice Prison
Memorial] at the »Pavillon« cultural centre (see »Art in the City 5«); »Gotland« on the HDI Arena parking lot. » Location: Osterstraße/Kleine Packhofstraße

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020