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Made in Hannover

Strong economic region: Well-known brands ensure that the economic region of Hannover is represented all over the globe.

The Perfect Business Location

World-renowned brands give Hannover a special allure. The trade fair city is one of northern Germany’s leading economic areas. Locational factors such as its central positioning and the exchange of scientific knowledge are what make the Hannover region so competitive, boost progress and thus hold excellent future prospects. Its unique locational characteristics create space for innovation. For instance, Hannover is renowned for its innovative start-up scene.

At a Glance

  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Continental, TUI – Hannover ’s three biggest companies
  • Inter disciplinary Competence Centre for Insurance Science
  • Lively start-up scene
  • Robotation Academy - globally distinguished robotics centre
  • hannoverimpuls – your partner for business development

Dynamisch en goed gepositioneerd

Hannovers vastgoedmarkt

De vastgoedmarkt van Hannover heeft een vaste plaats verworven in de top tien van Duitslands grootste vastgoedmarkten.

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A city of big brands


World-famous brands are intrinsically connected with the Hannover economic region: large companies and concerns such as Bahlsen, Continental, Johnson Controls, KIND Hörgeräte, Komatsu-Hanomag, Dirk Rossmann, MTU, Sennheiser, Solvay Deutschland and TUI are all based here. Volkswagen AG (Commercial Vehicles) is the biggest employer in the city with around 20,000 workers. In total, around 30,000 people are employed by the automotive industry in Hannover, including external suppliers. In the world of media, major national players include the publishing firms Madsack, Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft and the TV production company TVN. Moreover, along with NDR and ZDF, several private radio and television broadcasters, for example radio ffn, Antenne Niedersachsen, RADIO 21 and the shopping channel CHANNEL 21 broadcast out of Hannover.


Many major insurance companies, such as Concordia, VGH and VHV have a key presence in the city – not to mention the Talanx Group, whose Hannover Rück and HDI-Gerling brands are headquartered in Hannover. And important financial services providers (Swiss Life, Nord/LB) also have head offices or branches in the city. Germany‘s media sector is represented by major players such as the publishing companies Madsack and Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft and television producer TVN. In addition to the two major German TV channels ARD and ZDF , various private radio and television companies also broadcast from Hannover.

Excellent future prospects


Home to innovative industries and a hub of services as well as national and international commerce, the Hannover region offers excellent future prospects. Mature and ever-growing economic structures, composed of classic sectors and groundbreaking sunrise industries, form the basis for these prospects. On top of this, the city gives strong impetus to the economic region as a world-renowned trade fair city. The close connection between economy and science paves the way for innovations and the establishment of new businesses – a trademark of the region. In terms of spending power, turnover and location, Hannover is among the most successful places in Germany for retail.

When compared with the rest of Germany, the Hannover region stands out thanks to its ideal central location within Europe, its compactness, the excellent accessibility of all destinations in the city and its superb local transport system. In addition, a diverse range of cultural offerings, unique events and experiences, great tourist attractions, neighbourhoods with distinctive cultures, numerous local recreation areas and plenty of green spaces all combine to make Hannover one of the best cities in Germany to live in, with a superb lifestyle. The strong competitiveness of the region is clearly demonstrated by its GDP and GVA, both of which are well above the national average.

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