Tourist Highlight

Lake Steinhuder Meer

With a surface area of 32 sq. km. in the north-west of Germany Lake Steinhuder Meer is the biggest stretch of inland water, and is therefore the sailing, sailboarding and bathing paradise of the region.

Steinhude smoked eel, prepared locally according to an old secret recipe, is famous far beyond the borders of the region. Lake Steinhuder Meer is not only the local recreation area for the people of Hannover, but also attracts many day trippers to the region who appreciate the extensive Nature Reserve and the outstanding opportunities for water sports. Many other opportunities for activities and numerous destinations for outings, e.g. the open-air Dinosaur Museum in Münchehagen, leave no time to be bored.

Lake Steinhuder Meer is quickly reached from Hannover. If you want to extend your stay in Hannover with a short break, there are various small hotels, guesthouses, holiday apartments and farm holidays in the surrounding localities of Steinhude, Hagenburg and Mardorf.

Lake Steinhuder Meer



Last updated: 18 Apr 2023