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Do you want to get your company noticed? Do you need a platform for attracting new customers, portfolio management and your own unique market presence? hannoverimpuls’s Hannover Stand is an impressive setting for all kinds of trade fair.


Trade fairs are a perfect way for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to showcase their services and products: they are indispensable drivers of growth. The attractive design of the Hannover Stand makes it a perfect infrastructure, offering a comprehensive organisational service – thus ensuring better perception and greater awareness.

The business development agency for the Hannover region does not just support companies and interest groups, networks and cooperation projects at local level. In Hannover there are now approximately 40 organised collectives, in which roughly 1,600 companies from every sector are active and guarantee efficient and customer-friendly local amenities.

In parallel to this, economics experts help those companies aiming to venture over the border into the international market. Already 25% of all SMEs in Lower Saxony are on course for international growth. Those who wish to expand internationally can benefit from a network of experienced business developers and partners, who will help them create an individual market profile, organise marketing and sales activities and find qualified local personnel.

Promoting technology and innovation

Promoting technology and innovation also involves finding innovative and needs-based financing options tailored to product, process and service performance. Following evaluation of the market potential and assessment of the basic legal framework, selection and analysis of the available funds can begin: local credit, national and federal state funds, grants from the European Union, venture capital or silent partnerships. Finally, the business support service offers to undertake the necessary project grant applications and handle project controlling and reporting matters up to the final documentation.

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer project (WuTT) between industry and science is another element of the advice service: this professional support means that regional companies receive new knowledge as well as sustainable competitive advantages.

Finding a successor

Ensuring business success

Who will keep the business going?

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Last updated: 22 Jan 2018